The tire for all terrain


Despite the ever-rising price of gas, all-terrain vehicles and SUVs continue to appeal to road lovers, and SUVs continue to gain popularity. As a result, tire demand for 4x4 is growing. But today other criteria come into play in the purchase of tires that must provide the vehicle with safety, maneuverability, resistance to wear and respect for its environment.

4x4 tires - how to choose them?

Essential qualities specific to 4x4 tires are know as all-terrain vehicles have very different special needs lighter vehicles, particularly in terms of load index and speed rating . The 4x4 tire must also offer maximum grip and it is particularly in terms of its profile that the handling on mud and wet ground is optimized.

In the context of a purchase of 4x4 or off-road tires, one must first look at the use of these tires. The classic 4x4 tire that travels mainly in the city has different properties than an off-road 4x4 tire that has to deal with unstable surfaces. Where conventional 4x4 tires have a profile that offers high speed performance on firm roads, a driver who ventures into mountainous, muddy, or wet terrain must choose off-road tires that are renowned for having profile more consequent with fortified funds. So even on an uncertain road, off-road tires come into action for better grip.


Depending on the use of your vehicle, it is best to choose city ​​4x4 tires for quiet driving in town, recognizable by the initials ST in the name of the tire model; or intermediate 4x4 tires that allow you to drive in the city as well as on any terrain and named AT; or all-terrain tires with the initials MT also called Boggers or Super Swamper to ride on particularly uncertain grounds. Of course, it is still very important to choose your 4x4 tires according to the season and to equip your vehicle with winter or summer tires.

The most 4x4 tires today is ecology. A well-chosen tire can reduce fuel consumption. Tires from the latest technology can make a difference for the environment and lighten your expenses in the long run.

Many tests exist to certify the quality of off-road and 4x4 tires. The ADAC and the TCS are two recognized institutes to evaluate the grip, braking distance, traction, and maneuverability of the vehicle equipped with these tires. They allow to move towards models that make the road safer and make it pleasant whatever the conditions.

An alternative to auto centers

Buying Best All Terrain Tires is a cost-effective and comfortable way to find cheaper tires . We can choose easily and quietly the appropriate size and compare the different ranges. It is therefore not surprising that the sale of tires on the Internet has grown significantly in recent years. Tirendo offers a wide selection of inexpensive 4x4 tires, such as the Michelin Latitude Cross or the Michelin Latitude Tour HP .