Building a Character

This method is the quickest, and best suited to players who are familiar with point-building characters, or with the Aisling system. It involves the least amount of input from the Guide, not including the time required for helping with complex Aspects. It's also the only method suited to building a character without the Guide. Lastly, it involves the least amount of role-playing.


Distribute 24 motes among the 7 colors. The minimum is 1 (someone VERY weak in the things represented by the color) and the maximum is 5.

The easiest way to do this is set everything at 3, add 3 motes to whichever colors you like, and then fine tune from there, dropping a mote here to add there.


Start with three motes, to create Traits wherever you'd like, on Thresholds or on Aspects. Each mote gives a +1 to the draw when relevant. In order to create a Trait at +2, you'll need to pay 2 motes for the second level - it would cost 3 motes, 1 for the first mote, 2 for the second (and 3 for the 3rd, if you need to go that far).

You can create up to 3 negative Traits as well. For each negative trait, you gain an additional mote for a positive Trait.

The most extreme arrangement would be a single Trait at +3, along with 3 -1 Traits.


Create 7 aspects for your character.

You can find out more about picking good, interesting Aspects here.

Assigned traits

Choose a numen, and then choose your Fate colors. You start with 7 motes of Luck.

Then build your Caern, and you're ready to go.


Sarah wants to play with the magic system eventually, so she wants a character with a metaphysical bent. She has in mind a waitress, attending school part time (she's in her 5th year as an undeclared sophmore). She's tomboyish and gruff when needed, but gregarious and friendly most of the time. She's obsessed with Tarot cards, and offers readings to customers at the cafe all the time. She's also a huge fan of her cat Hugo, a very friendly mellow guy. Sarah decides to name her Amy.

She starts with the Thresholds, 3 motes in each. She puts one of the 3 extra motes in Red, one in Blue, one in Clear. She also decides to drop Cyan down a mote (Amy's not the fastest person when it comes to facts) and bump up Clear.

She ends up with 2 motes in Cyan, 3 each in Amber, Green, and Magenta, 4 in Red and Blue, and 5 in Clear.

Next, on to Traits. Sarah decides that because of Amy's tomboyish history, she's flexible. When she gets into a fight, she's everywhere, and you can't hold her down. A daily yoga regimen helps too. So that's a mote into Flexible, which Sarah decides is Amber.

Sarah also wants her to be really good with the cards, part of why she will eventually get into magic. She puts a mote into Fortunetelling, but she wants more - Amy should be one of the best (and oblivious to that fact). She only has one mote left though. and to get 2 in the trait, she needs two. A negative Trait is in order, to gain that extra mote she needs to put Fortunetelling at 2. Given her job, she decides Broke is perfect. She assigns it to Red, because that's the color of stuff and resources. Now, any time she makes a draw having to do with money or stuff, she'll be in the hold 2 Power to start. With the additional mote, though, she'll start with 4 Power every time she uses her fortunetelling skills!

Now, she needs to choose her Aspects. After much thinking, she starts with "I don't think so, bub", for her gruff side, and "Ooh! I read about that!" to help make up for her deficient Cyan Threshold. She decides she wants an Aspect in her cat Hugo, to perhaps turn into a familiar or something later on. On that note, she wants her fortunetelling skills to be highlighted too, so she adds "Let me do a reading" to the line-up.

She's almost out of ideas, but reading through her description so far, she wants something to allow her the occasional scrape, so Sarah notes down "Scrappy as all get out". She wants to make sure the friendly side is covered too, so she adds "Gregarious Gal" for social situations. After much thought, she finally decides on a last Aspect representing her confusion about what to do with her life, and offer a way in for the whole Magic thing - "What to do when I grow up?" does the job.

Amy's numen pops into Sarah's mind in the middle of Aspects, and so notes "Woodpecker" down before she forgets it. To Sarah, it's all about digging for truth, and Amy's divination skills match up perfectly.

Lastly, she needs to figure out Amy's Fates. For the Boon, thinking of how things go right for Amy, she decides on Clear. There's a touch of surreptitious system massaging there - since Sarah wants Amy to end up in Magic, this will be to her benefit. But it also fits with her strong Clear Threshold and the Tarot thing. Bane-wise, Sarah goes with Amy's weakness Cyan (which also intensifies it). She figures that while Amy might be able to remember stuff, her biggest problem is forgetting stuff or mixing up her facts. For Wyrd, Sarah think long and hard, and decides on Blue. Because of Amy's gregarious, friendly nature, she figures that if anything weird is going to happen, it's going to be social kinds of things - cousins appearing out of nowhere, weird useful gossip, and so on.

Amy is now complete!

Amy Carter


  • I don't think so, bub
  • Ooh! I read about that!
  • Sweetums Kitteh Hugo
  • Let me do a reading
  • Scrappy as all get out
  • Gregarious Gal
  • What to do when I grow up?

Luck: 7

Flexible A+1
Fortuneteller X+2
Broke R-1

Boon: X
Bane: C
Wyrd: B

Numen: Woodpecker

R4 A3 G3 C2 B4 M3 X5