Building an Art

Building an Art starts with an Aspect. In fact, an Art is an Aspect, and is built pretty much the same way as any other. An Art is different in that it has built-in Complications, and very specific Words which define it. Defining the Art, then, is nothing more than defining the Words and Complications.

The Complications are already accounted for, in the limitations of the Schools, and in the consequences of gathering too much Quiddity. Start with defining the Complications - which School does your Art belong to? Is it a Sorcery, and do you draw the Quiddity for your Feits from some component or action? Or is it Magery, with its intense feats and Feits of inner Quiddity manifested? Or is it a Wizardry, powerful because it takes the Quiddity of the Coil and does something wonderful with it?

After the School is chosen, you'll need to define the Focus. With a little creativity, anything can be a focus. Herbs, technology, fire, night, blood, skin, birds, songsā€¦. anything. A list of ideas can be found here - these are the same things that could be a Numen. You might consider an Art's Focus to be its Numen.

You also need to define the Tenet. Usually the Tenet defines the idea behind how magic in the Art works, and is often a simple equation. Blood is Life is a fine Tenet, for example, but you'll want to elaborate a little to explain how the Tenet leads to and is the foundation of magic. In this case, it may be that life itself is magic, and blood is simply the means by which the magic is carried through the body - not too far from the reality of Quiddity.

Each School has an associated Shard, each starting at a default of 3. For Sorcery, this is Components, a measure of how much and what kinds of components you have. For Magery, it's Concentration, defining how well you can concentrate your energies. And for Wizardry, it's Channel, which provides the strength of the Mage's ability to channel Quiddity. How these are used in a draw are explained with each of the different kinds of magic (i.e. feits, raptures. and chants).