Building your Caern

Building your Caern is very simple: double the threshold for each color, and add that many motes of the color. Don't forget Clear motes! Then add in a single mote to represent Fate, and you're all set.

If you're creating your character on the fly, then your Caern will start with the default of 6 (double the 3 default motes you start with) of each color. Be sure to include a Fate mote from the start as well. As you add motes to the Thresholds, you'll add or subtract 2 motes as appropriate. For example, if you move one mote from green into amber, you'll remove two green motes from your Caern and add two amber ones.

One of the handy things about the way that the Caern is built from your Thresholds is that it provides an easy way to keep track. Since every Caern is different, using the wrong Caern can result in a very different result to your draws. If everyone has a similar bag for their Caern, this can be a problem. By checking the contents of the Caern against your Thresholds, you can make sure you haven't lost a mote or inadvertently grabbed someone else's Caern.