(Potentially) Deleted Concepts


A word or two needs to be said, to explain Lex. Lex is what happens when passions are channeled into pointless endeavors. When your passion is TV, you leave your imagination fallow. When you develop a passion for some hallucinogenic drug, you've left your life behind. When you focus your passions on things instead of people, you lose a bit of your soul. Passion can't be denied, though, and all those ways in which humanity has generally forgotten how to be passionate have become ways in which Passion manifests as Lex.

Lex becomes a power to resist change, at least, here in the Tell it does. Magic is explained away, people become blind to the possibilities around them, and Lex channels itself into the Plasm. As it crosses the Caesura, the Passion it used to be returns, the Lex of it burned away by the chaogenic Quiddity of the Caesura, and it is a power of change once more. What that renewed Passion changes is the very foundation of the Plasm, creating and changing that world as surely as Passion changes this one.

What this means to your character is that you'll start with the Aspect Lex, which enables you, as a mundy, to resist the effects of magic and to remember Noom-sightings as something else entirely. Either you'll stay like this, or more likely, you'll discover some Passions of your own and the world will become a whole new Possibility…


Since all characters start as Shoal, they all have Lex. The default for the Aspect is a Hand of 3, but particularly open-minded characters can start with 2 motes, and particularly hard-headed ones can start with up to 5 motes, as appropriate. The colors for Lex usually include clear, magenta, and green, though of course any are possible. The colors describe the kinds of situations in which Lex manifests.

Over time, as a character is exposed to a new vision of the world, Lex gradually becomes Sight, also known as Second Sight.