Finding a Character on the Fly

Creating a character on the fly is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to create a character. It's well-suited to players with no experience of Aisling, introducing important concepts a bit at a time, and allowing them to sink in before you have to make choices which will affect your character for some time to come. It's also fun, because you get to discover things about your character over time, and you really get to see them change right from the start; you start with a vague concept, and follow your character as he or she is fleshed out in game.


You start with 3 motes in each color, and have a reserve of 3 motes. You can add one of these motes to a color at any time. You can move motes between colors as well, but only one mote per scene, and not in the middle of a conflict. Once you've assigned the three motes, you can't change the thresholds any more.


You have a pool of 21 motes with which to build your Aspects. You can add an Aspect and assign motes from your pool almost any time. You can only add one Aspect per scene, though, and not in the middle of a conflict.

Assigned traits

You can fill in as many details as you like before you start, perhaps filling in all the thresholds and a few Aspects. Once you've assigned as much as you want to, to start with, build your Caern. The character is "done", ready to advance and change like any other character.

You don't have to choose your Numen right away, but until the Numen is chosen, you can't make any changes or development to the character beyond those listed here. That means that until you're done discovering the character, you can only add new Aspects if you have motes left in that pool, you can't change Thresholds except for moving motes or adding one of the 3 motes you start with, and you can't improve any Aspects or make changes until you've fully defined the character. If you start with your Numen chosen, you still won't be able to make those changes until the pools are used up and the character is fully defined.