Growing a Character

Growing a character involves proceeding in 7 stages. Each stage represents a number of years in your character's life, and together with the Guide, you'll role-play through the stage, and then describe the traits and Aspects your character developed then.

Stages will most likely represent different numbers of years, and how many years they cover will vary greatly depending on the age of the character and which stage it is. Earlier stages usually span a greater amount of time than later ones, where the character is becoming mere deeply embedded in the developing story of their life. A sample stage progression might run like this, for a character in his early 20s, assuming an American upbringing:

* Childhood: birth to age 12
* Junior High: 12 to 14
* High School: 14 to 18
* Early College: 19 to 20
* Junior: 20
* Senior: 21
* Post-graduation: age 22

How long a stage lasts and what part of a character's life it represents will depend on what has happened in previous stages, in what directions the character is developing, and other factors. The stages may be conflated into 4 steps, with the first stage granting one Aspect, and the others granting two. It might lump your characters life into two main phases, with 4 Aspects granted in one and 3 in the other. Really, how the stages represent your character's life is pretty fluid. You'll work with your GM a lot in this method, so feel free to make suggestions.


For each stage, assign 3 motes (4 motes for the last 3 stages) to your thresholds, which start with none. At the end, every threshold must have at least one mote.


Each stage, choose one (or however many) Aspect representative of what happened during that stage. You have 21 motes as a pool to draw from when defining the Hand and colors of each Aspect. Each Aspect must have at least one mote.

Look at the page on Aspects to learn how to choose interesting ones.

Assigned traits

Choose a numen, note down 7 motes of Luck, and then build your Caern. Your character is done, and ready for play.


Samuel Crawford

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