Noom – the name itself is mysterious and foreboding. It sounds far too much like “doom” to be truly wholesome. At least, that’s how the Shoal might feel, if they’d heard of them.

In reality (always a relative term in the Coil), Noom are not necessarily as dark as that, nor are they very often so mystifying either. Sometimes, they are, but the same can be said of Shoal, to be honest. Some are gentle, some are rough; some are happy, some are angry, and yet others are sad – this is true of people everywhere, regardless of the shape they happen to wear.

Noom get their name from the force which shapes them, their numen. Sort of like a totem, one’s numen is a connection to something else in the world, an association that defines the broad strokes of a given individual, where their expertise lies, where their inner strength has its source, and, most strongly in the case of Noom, what they look like. Unlike totems in pop culture, however, a numen can be anything – an idea, a place, animals or creatures from mythology or fantasy, a simple object, a dream or nightmare, or a force of nature. Anything.

Beyond that simple connection and representation of the basic internal landscape, a numen also defines the quintessential theme of the individual - what she affects, what affects her, and what her story is about. For the most part, a numen also defines what Tribe one belongs to.

There are 7 Tribes, each with a number of Houses: Inchoa, Quem, Nigh, Prox, Banna, Vagary, and Shoal. The Tribes are primarily social divisions, based on numina. Essentially, these are something like ethnic or sub-cultural organizations. Because the groups are numen-based, there tend to be racial tones as well, though that sort of division, called a Sept, really applies for only a few of the Tribes.

The Lexed

Other Creatures

Genetics, Numen, and the Z Chromosome

include details on how a numen is created, and how it may or may not be related to the parents' numina at all.


There is a substance in the Coil that propels evolution. This substance, called Evo, is a liquid of shifting lights which seems to possess a consciousness of its own. Evo wants to be used, and once it touches flesh, it finds its way in and creates something new out of the matter and thought that it finds. To humans, it possesses the power to make them instantly into Noom, once human but now part of the Plasm, imbued with natural mystical powers; Evo makes Maestros. It is a natural part of most beings from the Plasm; at least, that is the standard theory, though no way has been found to isolate it. To that Dominion, Evo is a cure-all and a poison, healing wounds but sometimes at a transformative price.

Adoption into a Tribe or House

social groups
Heru: animal headed
Shimmer: centaurish, tails and tips (ears)
Rish: multiple limbs