The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.
- Aart Van Der Leeuw

The Plasm - Otherworld, Faery-lands, call it what you like - is a fantastic shifting patchwork of Realms, peopled with all the beings of dreams and all the creatures of nightmare. These inhabitants, the Noom, come in every conceivable shape, size, and color, and wield magic to the same degree that the Tell uses science. Every idea, image, place or thing ever imagined can be found somewhere in the Plasm.

The multitudes of Realms, small pocket universes with themes, are where the Fairies live, or where the spirits of the African beasts make their home, and even where the otherworldly equivalent of the Big Apple can be found. If you can, imagine the Plasm as a giant bowl full of soap bubbles. Each bubble is a Realm, and the table the bowl sits on is the Tell, flat and boring.

The bowl itself is the Caesura, the most important part of the Coil. The Caesura is the center around which the Compact, the War, and the Rades revolve. The Caesura alone has been more influential in the current state of things than any other single factor.

The Caesura is the traditional veil which separates this world from the Otherworld. Not found in a particular place, but in every place, it is a metaphysical sheet between the two Dominions of the Tell and Plasm. Through it, it is connected to every place on either side. It has numerous effects, but the most important of these, and the root of current problems, is it’s ability to regulate the flow of order and chaos between the Dominions.

At the dawn of time (they say), the Compact was established to direct the flow of majic and stasis, so that each Dominion had some of the essence of its partner. Through the Compact, the Caesura was majically directed to supply the Plasm with stability and the Tell with change. This worked because the vital ingredient was the Vagary, the only truly disembodied spirits in the Coil. The Vagary have transformational effects on Quiddity, and their very essences caused the changes which made the Compact effective.

Now that the Compact is broken, the Vagary are no longer tutored in how change happens, no longer enchanted to produce the needed results, and so the flow of order and chaos has gone wild. Add to this the complication of piercing the Caesura, the standard method of travel between Dominions, which can release Vagaries and damage the Caesura, and the problem becomes more clearly severe. Lex has less resistance, and is affecting the Plasm on a greater scale than ever before. Majic as a retaliation faces less change, and the Tell is growing beyond its ability to cope. Because of the Caesura, which acts as a sort of pituitary gland for the Coil, cancer is eating both Dominions alive.

Mapping the Plasm – Not!

Lex in the Plasm