Quem (AKA: wots, things) embody the ideas, objects, and dreams of the Lex-wielding masses. They also tend to hold high status in the Plasm, though not so high as the ancient Inchoa. There are notable exceptions among its Houses, however, particularly among the Resheen. The Tribes of the Quem founded the Marahh's sister Rade, the Calyx, mere hours after the Breaking, and their social structure mirrors contemporary Tellish government at the time. These Courts have remained to the present day, their influence expanding throughout the Plasm. Now, with the exception of the Inchoan Houses, almost all governing structures are known as Courts, regardless of their tenets or configurations.

Quem is the most diverse of all the Tribes, followed closely by the Banna. There is an extreme variety in physical forms and appearances, and nothing is sure when dealing with them, except that Lex has been both a guiding light and a terrible burden.

Numina: ideas and things and dreams
Common Rade: Calyx
Appearance: anything

Within the Quem, there are 3 Houses, the Daeva, the Neiro, and the Resheen.


AKA gods

The Daeva are the "gods" of human religion. Because these Quem have numina reflecting concepts and idea, they tend to mirror the personifications and deities of those ideas in the Tell. This connection to human religion makes them the most powerful of all Noom. It also makes them extremely varied, with 57 varieties of Love Daeva, depending on the cultural context that created them.

Not all Daeva mirror deities, however. Some are simply Noom embodying an idea, and have no extraordinary relationship to the Tell (beyond the obvious connection required by being Quem). Examples of these might be Finance Daeva, or a Quem with the awkward numen of Antidisestablishmentarianism.

Strangely, regardless of the implications of their numina, all Daeva are Calyx, even such "negative" numina as Racism or Murder. Perhaps this is because they see the richness of Shoalish thought, visible in the faces of friends and family in House Daeva. How involved these Noom are in the War obviously varies considerably.

Like many other Quem, Daeva have varying facades, depending on the common imagery associated with the concept. Even Noom with the same numen will have different looks, one seeming Rish, with multiple arms or heads, and another being indistinguishable from any other human. Extremely common to the Daeva, though, are auras or haloes, subtly shimmering and shifting light surrounding the being.

Numina: concepts, ideas
Common Rade: Calyx
Appearance: anything, auras common


AKA dreams, stars, celebs

All the dreams, nightmares, hopes and fears of the Shoal are embodied in the Neiro. Every nightmare creature and monster under the bed, every knight in shining armor and the dragon he fights, each red-faced demon and all the haloed guardian angels: these are the numina within House Neiro. This house also contains characters from television, literature, and film.

Here is where the majority of Marahh Quem are found. Quem are usually Calyx, because they recognize that their existence depends on Lex and the Shoal. Since humanity's fears are manifest here, it seems obvious that there would therefore be Marahh here, all Noom whose numina are inherently inimical to the Tell.

Like all the Quem, the Neiro have bodies that run the gamut of possibility, their physical forms depending on how they've been dreamt. Neil Gaiman's Corinthian is Neiro, with mouths instead of eyes, as is the blue polka-dotted furry beast from a little girl's imagination. King Arthur is Neiro, as is Indiana Jones.

The variety of Neiro and the enormous spectrum of manifestations mean that Neiro is fairly incohesive as Houses go. They are not known for organized groups in the Tell, nor do they have strong associations or ties within the House. Strangely, though, they have had a great influence on the Tell, and there are innumerable groups, clubs, and societies that make the Neiro very powerful as a whole. Some Neiro can compete head to head with the strongest of Daeva, and they exert considerable influence on the War, often taking positions of leadership or behind-the-scenes advising.

Numina: nightmares and dreams, and "fictional" characters
Common Rade: Calyx or Marahh equally
Appearance: anything


AKA tinker-toys, clockmen

The first House of object-numina Quem were the Ress. Embodying various constructed items and objects, they were among the most skilled craftsmen in the Plasm. As technology developed, a new House developed, the Sheen, whose numina were related to machines, technology, the high-tech, the low-tech, and the ultra-tech.

At first, the two Houses were distinct, with the majority of Ress being the craftsmen, and the Sheen rapidly becoming the merchants. But when technology began to be applied to older objects, updating them, Noom began to appear who were Ress by birth but Sheen by numen. The two Houses continued to merge over the years, and now there is just the one – the Resheen. 'Ress' has become a derogatory term for Noom behind the times.

The Resheen are a diverse House, when it comes to form. They've been heavily influenced by marketing tactics, and Resheen appear who may look like any Tatter whatsoever. Boomerang Quem who look like giant kangaroos are just one example. Another tendency is toward the cyborg, with both human and mechanical aspects to the appearance.

The most characteristic, unique look, however, is the simple object with faces and limbs thrown on, creating a distinctively cartoonish cast. These Noom are often treated like Terat, and considered stupid and childish. This is simple bigotry, of course; some of the most significant discoveries in the Plasm were the results of investigation by such “animated” Resheen scientists.

Because of this variety in form (and treatment), Resheen may belong to any Rade. Whim is common, because the Resheen are still often most interested in commerce, and not the War. They are all accomplished merchants, having learned marketing at their mirrors over morning ablutions. Other Resheen are Calyx, seeing the Tell as a world full of potential customers. Marahh Resheen tend to be so inclined as a result of changes they've undergone and abuse they've suffered.

Numina: objects and machines
Common Rade: any
Appearance: any, but mechanical or cartoonish are common