What is a Rade?

Since the Breaking, Noom throughout the Plasm have formed various Rades, semi-political organizations with certain ideas about how the Broken Coil can be repaired. There are a multitude of these rades, reflecting the multitude of Realms and beings in the Plasm. Of these, only three have risen to ascendancy, by either numbers or sheer power: the Calyx, the Marahh, and the Whim.


The Calyx (pronounced KA-licks, with the 'ka' like in cat) are convinced that cooperation between the Tell and the Plasm is the only way to repair the imbalance in the Coil. This basic tenet has numerous repercussions, but the most significant is the need to Dawn the Shoal and reestablish a Compact.

Most Quem are Calyx, and take the responsibility of Dawning very seriously. Because the Calyx has developed into a Courtly system, with bureaucracy, hierarchy, strict rules, and established codes of conduct, the ADawning process is often a long one. The Noom must gradually open the eyes of the Sleeper, and great tact and understanding is required.

Because of the ceremonial and drawn out nature of this process, internal conflicts about the organization of the Rade, and its overall effectiveness, there are very few Dawnings in any given year. Though the Calyx is a huge organization, its usefulness is severely hampered, and this has resulted in several offshoot Rades being formed, the most prominent being the Pale and the Pergey.


The second of the large Rades is the Marahh (pronounced muh-RAH), who believe that the Breaking of the Compact was just the first act of a long string of Tellish betrayals. The breaking, and subsequent destructive acts taken by the Shoal, all had deliberate purpose behind them. The Marahh thus see humanity as the cancer that must be excised, before their hidden agenda is realized. Because of the anti-environmental nature of most of these acts, it is not surprising that most marahh are Inchoa.

Strongly organized, the Marahh's actions have mostly been conspiratorial, with the Rade founding many environmental action groups in the Tell. These groups have the destruction of humanity behind their overt agendas. Strangely enough, they have also been responsible for some major corporation implicated in cancer corridors, poisoning the water table, and other environmental atrocities. It's not clear whether these actions were taken by Marahh agents, or by some other Rade which originated in the Marahh.

The Marahh is considered a courtly organization, thanks largely to Calyx terminology sreading quickly to all sectors of society. The title is a misnomer, since its arrangement is loosely based on bee social structures.

There are workers, the majority of Marahh who do not take active roles in the War, but instead produce and support. The agents, like the drones they're modeled on, coordinate workers and take action as ordered by the Powers. The Powers are roughly equivalent to the queen of a hive, acting as the ultimate leaders of the Rade. Their orders ensure that the goals of the Marahh are achieved. They tend to work independently of each other, but amazingly this has rarely caused conflicts in their goals. The Calyx assume the existence of an Overpower (influenced, no doubt, by their own style of government), that coordinates the efforts of the Powers under it, but there is no proof of the theory despite widespread acceptance.


The Whim Rade is the easiest to describe – these are the Noom who just don't care. The basic idea at its core is the premise that life changes, and you must adapt or die.

This fatalistic and apathetic Rade is fairly freeform, with no formal structure or organization, and no agenda beyond what an individual hopes to accomplish. There are small groups of Whim who work together out of mutual benefit, but more often than not these are simply support groups, or focused on making money, surviving, or some other non-War goal.

There are rare Whim who are involved in the War. Even then, their goals reflect a basic concern only for their own well-being. Other Whim work within the other Rades to make certain that the War has as little impact on their families or Tribes as possible – it is debatable whether these noom are truly Whim or not.

The Pale

This is the largest of the minor Rades, and shares some similarities with the Whim. In particular, they are not concerned with the causes or solutions of the imbalance in the Coil. What they are concerned with is preventing the worst effects of the War on either Dominion.

The Rade began with monitoring the health of the Caesura, and this naturally developed into watching all travel across it. Organizationally, the Pale contains three branches, the Pilgrims, the Seekers, and the Wardens. While the Seekers investigate the Worldwall and search for the magics which made the Compact possible, the Pilgrims constantly monitor the Caesura, patching tears and noting Rents. By remaining in one place unlike the other branches of the Pale, the Wardens are in a particularly perfect position to watch and regulate interTatter conflicts and relationships. They have become the peacemakers in the War, and this is how their political power has grown – they maintain the peace between the Rades and Dominions.

Of the three branches, the Wardens are the most visible and well-known. They do what they can to prevent enmity between the Dominions by standing at the borders and stopping obvious infringement. They often fight against pollution and destruction at the hands of technology, but they also try to keep Noom from creating problems for the humans as well. Most Wardens are connected to an area, and in assuming the role have taken on Noom-like features of their own. The most common of these features are the powerful Feits they have learned, capable of destroying an individual utterly and instantly.

Of all the rades, the Pale associate most with the Orse, whose research seems the most logical way to approach the problem. Still, the Pale have little time to contribute to their cause, even if they were certain that the answer lie in magic. The war keeps them quite busy. Most Pale have accumulated small groups of assistants, both Shoal and Noom. While these people usually claim loyalty to one of the other Rades (usually Calyx), they also find honor, integrity, and respect in the service of the Pale.


An offshoot of the Calyx, the Pergey feel that the Shoal must be awakened at all costs if the goals of the Calyx are to be achieved. They therefore take a guerilla approach to awakening, rejecting the rituals established by the Calyx and flaunting magic and their Noom faces as often as possible. They have also kidnapped Shoal in an attempt to Dawn them, conducting research into the differences between the Dawned and the Sleeping. These exploits are the source of UFO abduction stories, but have so far had little effect. The greatest effect they've had has been to drive many of their would-be conversions insane. Nevertheless, the Calyx and Marahh do what they can to counter Pergey efforts, the Calyx because of the trouble such Dawnings cause, and the Marahh to prevent the strengthening of Shoal forces.

The Pergey are arranged in cells, and any given member knows only one or two others in their cell. The Rade is, as a whole, exceedingly paranoid, ironic considering how open they are to exposing their true selves in the Tell. To them, these are all necessary parts of the revolution.


Another Rade which originated in the ranks of the Calyx, the Aegis is a Rade composed almost exclusively of Jen, one of the Houses of the Banna. The Jen are extremely closely connected to their homes, and the destruction of their homes usually proves fatal. At first, they established the Rade simply to take more extreme measures in safeguarding their homes, but as their time among the Shoal continued, they began to feel affection for the naive but creative people with whome they secretly shared their lives.

Now, the Aegis are like wild mothers to their Shoal children, and will do whatever it takes to protect them - including self-sacrifice if absolutely necessary. They're not concerned about Dawning their self-appointed charges, but generally avoid showing themselves to anyone but children and family pets. When your cat goes wacky chasing invisibles, or your dog barks for no reason, you can be sure that the Jen and the Aegis are likely involved.


This minor Rade is made up of mercenary fighters, who work for the highest bidder. Loosely structured, the only real guiding principle is the Camp, small groups that keep information available: who's fighting or working for whom, and who's paying what. Most Enda have no concern for the Coil, or whether it can be repaired. Life is short, and shouldn't be spent worrying about what could be.


The Orse are another minor Rade, one focussed on the belief that magic is the only way that the problems facing the Coil can be solved. Many Maestroes belong to this Rade, particularly Vigla Maestroes, but all in the rade are heavily involved with magical research. They hope to discover magical means by which a balance may be restored. This includes the possibility of mending a ragged Caesura, as as destroying it outright. The Maestroes of the Orse often have their own pet theories about what the problem is, and what needs to be done. Non-Maestro members of the Rade either assist a Maestro, or search for ancient texts explaining the caesura, the Coil, and hopefully, solid evidence of how these work. The Orse have also been called Metrites, after an ancient and cursed Quiddity vampire named Vladimetra, who wrote a legendary book describing the formation of the Caesura. The Book has never been found, but this does not slow their devotion to finding it.


The suicidal sociopathic extremists of the Plasm, the Vasto Rade contains those malcontents who feel that everyone, Noom and Shoal alike, should be removed from the face of the Coil. As expected, the Rade is very small, and has no organization, each neurotic member preferring to work on their own.


The Sesh are convinced that the only sure cure lies in destroying the Caesura. There are several problems with the theory – the presence of the Vagary, and the immense backlash that the Caesura is theorized to prevent being two of the better known. The Sesh feel that both of these points are false, promulgated to maintain some bathetic status quo. Whether this is actually the case or not, most Noom avoid the Sesh, as rumor has it that the Sesh, vocal as they are, are actually possessed by Vagaries seeking the release of their kin. before.



Not an organization per se, but a loosely characterized group of humans who know about Evo and who will stop at nothing to get it. Many of them believe that it can be distilled from the blood of Inchoa, and they are constantly hunting for another victim to submit to their alchemical experimentations. These are the men and women that even humanity would keep from being Maestro.