What Realms Are

Dawned Realms

Dawned Realms are generally called Aetia (sg. Aetium), and are fully aware of the truth of the Coil, these Realms have several distinct features. They have Leys, roads by which travel to other Dawned Realms are possible, they have Raths, specific substances or materials that are unique to the Realm, and finally, they resist Lex more strongly than other Realms.

The largest of the Dawned Realms, Ghedde is an enormous city-realm founded on a graveyard and ruled by an eponymous Noom of death. Ghedde, honored in Voudon as the guardian of the dead, founded this city, which has built up over millennia. Appearing as nothing so much as cities piled on top of cities, it is a rich wonderland of possibilities, where every fetish, dream, and fantasy has a home. Full of Turns, various neighborhoods with particular focuses and streets which twist through all three dimensions, it houses the vast majority of Noom in the Plasm. In Exlibro Turn, the bookstores and binderies find their home. Turn Ordo used to comprise a labyrinth of temples and monasteries, but has since been overtaken by nobles looking for luxury homes. Glad Turn houses the gladiatorial district, and Symphonium Turn is where the musicians live. Ghedde’s Rath is Heartstone, solid Quiddity mined in the depths of the city-mountain.
a Realm of autumnal beauty, populated by immense trees and their “spirits”/keepers. It is also one of the homes of the Garm, werewolfy Banna who love debate and discussion about the nature of Reality, as well as the occasional duel. The Rath of Vertumn is Bosk, a wood easily shaped by magic, and quite capable of holding an enchantment.
a Realm of ancient landmarks, castles, and towers, now all defunct. Its sea cliffs and caves are home to the largest population of trolls in the Plasm. These large, horned, gap-toothed Banna are inventors and scientists extraordinaire, and their machines are highly regarded elsewhere in the Plasm. It is also home to the first Ratch, artificially intelligent machines and beings. A silvery liquid known as Lescence is Sova’s Rath, which carries information much like a CD. For many Ratch, Lescence is their lifeblood.

Sleeping Realms

More commonly known as Gulfs, these Realms are disconnected from the rest of the Plasm, surrounded by Hyle, walls of colorless Quiddity that separate one Realm from the next. Like the Tell, Gulf inhabitants (considered Shoal) often manifest Lex, and most of these people are more human in appearance than any other Noom, thanks to millennia of separation. Traveling from Gulf to Gulf is a difficult task, and of all inter-Realm or –Dominion travel, it is the most uncertain, as there are no clear paths or connections between them. Most mythologies and legends in the Tell which contain heavens or hells are actually referring to the Gulfs.

Some theorize that the Tell was originally a Gulf, and in many ways this makes sense. The only criticism of the theory, a powerful one, is that this does nothing to explain the Caesura. The few explanations attempting to rationalize this fact, often convoluted or poorly reasoned, have been met with scorn and derision.

populated by a matristic society of nearly-human cats, Hrroum is on the bleeding edge of Dawning, having very recently discovered the magical means to jump Realms. This is all still very hush-hush, a military endeavor, and unknown to the populus at large.
a fully human world of enormous tamed insects, Kirrik is a favorite tourist spot among the wealthy of Ghedde. In addition to the beautiful chitinous jewelry created there, the tamed Inorhi beetle is considered to be one of the top calvary mounts to be found in the Plasm. The few wealthy and powerful Noom with access to this Realm are very careful to maintain its status as a Gulf, guarding its Hylic borders with extreme magics so as to ensure the value of their investment. Certain keys are required to enter this Realm, and there are only a few families who hold those keys.
one of the hellish realms found in the Plasm, this Gulf is mostly uninhabited. It has a single large city, surrounded by a few small villages amid the volcanic foothills. Unlike most Gulfs, the inhabitants here do not manifest Lex, as magic is a common part of daily activity, especially as its focused on survival in the incredibly hot and arid conditions. Also different is that the natives of this place tend towards the demonic in appearance, with scarlet skin, horns, wings, and a variety of other bestial appendages. It is a favorite prison within Sept Mouchard, a powerful Opah House in Ghedde. Those condemned to life in Elosh are stripped of their ability to work magic and left there, where they often become outcasts considered insane and dangerous.

Walking Realms

Known as Gogues, these are Realms that are partially Dawned. Certain aspects of the Coil are understood, but others are confused with local mythologies and religious dogma. As a result, their connections to the rest of the Plasm are often tenuous. The two main features of the Aetia, Leys and Raths, appear one or the other in the Gogues. Like Gulfs, they appear in Tellish mythology as various sorts of Otherworlds, and they are often used by Noom from Dawned realms as sources of private armies, bolt holes, and private resorts.

Additional details:
- more on Raths and Leys, and using them in stories
- Greater detail on Ghedde
- a map or two, showing how unshaped/solid a Realm can be
- descriptions, explanations, and theories about Realms in the Tell
- as usual, plenty of story ideas for the Realms I discuss
- Realms in the Tell

  • Leys: tendrils of Hyle that keep realms separate, allow for change or stasis to seep through the Coil