Shoal (AKA: norms, bobs, sleepers, mundanes, muggles) are Humanity. Nothing more complex than that. The Shoal are the inhabitants of the Tell, who embody the stability of the Dominion and its laws. Strangely, the Shoal originated in the Plasm: facing a catastrophe, the Plasm sent colonists into the Tell. Over time, a majority of these colonists lost their ability to cross the Caesura, and interbreeding among the various trapped Tatters resulted in mutations, and eventually, humans.

Technically, however, there are Shoal in the Plasm, since this Tribe consists of

though most call them according to their true Tribes. Any Realm oblivious to the truth, and unaware of the Coil, can be Shoal. Some have been closed off from the rest of the Plasm for so long that they've developed "humans" as well, though perhaps with a different mix of Noom in their background.

The things that truly separate Shoal (whether in the Tell or the Plasm) from the other Tatters are the mixed Noom heritage and stable forms, the lack of magic and general ignorance of the Coil, and the presence of Lex.

Once, Shoal and Noom cooperated to maintain the balance of stability and change – the Compact. When events transpired to prevent the Compact from being upheld (the Breaking), the two Worlds were separated. Magic in the Tell was mostly carefully managed, so as not to weaken the flows of magic; when the Breaking occurred, the flow stopped, and all of the Plasm, its magic, its people, and its Realms, were relegated to myth and fantasy.

Now, the Shoal are under attack. The War is starting to appear in the Tell, and starting to have distinct and unpleasant effects. As time passes, this Tatter becomes more and more threatened.
Shoal: Somnal sleeping, the shoal in general
Shoal: Metix
And there are the Vigla, who are aware of the actual reality of the Coil, to varying degrees. Some may know only about Noom, while others are Maestroes, and intimately linked with the War and the Rades' machinations.

Vigla are human, Awakened, but human nonetheless. However, not all Vigla look that way. Because of the effects of the Plasm, the use of magic, or any of numerous other causes, Vigla tend to have some key trait that marks them as Awakened. This Mark may range from a unique and distinct birthmark, to eyes with no whites, or budding horns. The most common mark, however, is the aura, a glowing sphere of shifting Quiddity that surrounds the Vigla when ever they are excited, stressed, or otherwise in extremes of emotion. There are rare Awakened Shoal who have mastered control of the aura, according to rumor - these tend to be powerful Maestroes.

Vigla appear in all Rades, but considering the aims of some Rades, it requires extreme views and beliefs for them to associate with the Marahh. Calyx and Whim are more common, with the Whim Vigla often using their newfound abilities to increase their personal wealth and status. Calyx Vigla, on the other hand, are rarely found in the Tell, most preferring to do what work they can in the Plasm.

Common Numina: anything
Common Rade: Calyx
Appearance: human, but with a Mark


The Umnizi have a lot in common with the Sleeping Shoal – a general lack of knowledge concerning the Coil, the Plasm, the Tell, magic, etc. They also have Lex. The difference between the Somnal and this House is that the Umnizi have Noom blood, to some degree, from the barest hint making them indistinguishable from Shoal, up to the fully Noom living in a Realm disconnected from the rest of the Plasm.

The Umnizi end up being people who ignore or suppress the gifts of their bloodlines, and who therefore have Lex. The Umnizi may live in the Tell as humans, or in the Plasm, ignorant of the other Realms and Noom around them. Noom umnizi are responsible for the Quem of some Plasm Concepts – even if unconscious of reality, their dreams wander the Plasm and activate Lex.

These Noom Umnizi may not look human – actually, most don't. They have another House, their true House (depending in their numina, as usual), but as long as they Sleep, they're considered Umnizi. Some of the Rades have taken it upon themselves to awaken Umnizi in the Plasm, hoping to strengthen their forces. This encroachment of the War has created some very difficult and troublesome situation.

The Umnizi generally react as well as you'd think to these advances – how would you feel if some bizarre alien showed up, told you that your entire understanding of the world was wrong, and demanded you take their side in a war you'd never heard of? Understandably, they're rather upset, and tend to retreat even further into isolationism. They therefore tend to belong to the Whim.

Common Numina: anything
Common Rade: any
Appearance: anything