Special Situations

Whenever you draw, there are a number of special things that can apply. You may have exceptional skill, which turns into Power, or you may draw significant numbers of motes of the same color, or one of each. You might want to work together with associates, or try again, and there are particular systems for these too.


Whenever a draw exceeds 7 motes, it gains Mastery, which represents levels of attainment and focus that enable basic success at a number of related tasks. With sufficient skill and talent, certain actions will always have that certain level of power, and mark the character as a master.

If you've got more than 7 motes in the draw, subtract 7. Halve the result, rounding up, and you have how many motes of Power you've gained. Then draw the 7 motes as usual, and combine the Power you draw with your Power from the Mastery.

Sam has studied hard, and now his Aikido Trait is R4, though his TH is still 4 - resulting in 1 Power from Mastery. In a practice round, he faces his sensei, who has Aikido R6, and TH 6 – 12 motes, so 3 Power from Mastery (12-7 = 5, 5/2 = 2.5 > 3). Sam is already 2 motes of power behind, so he had better draw very well, and hope his sensei doesn't!


If you get 3 or more of the same color in a draw, you've touched a small collection of Quiddity of a particular color. In general, these have a positive effect on your character, strictly determined by the color of the Pool and unrelated to the task at hand. They cause change that move your character towards manifesting his Numen in small ways.

A Pool might turn one's eyes green, though they were brown before, if you touch a red Pool and have a Numen that's plant related. Or suppose your Numen is Cat, and you touch a magenta Pool - perhaps you'll be a bit more willful in cat-like ways, or lose control whenever tuna or cream is around.

For every 3 motes, or part of 3 motes, in the Pool, you receive one mote create an appropriate Trait in the color of the Pool. Simple! A Pool of 3 motes would give you a +1 Trait in the color, while a Pool of 4 would give a +2, and a Pool of 8 would give a +3 Trait.


Extremely rare, but not impossible, is a Light. A Light occurs when you draw 5 or more consecutive colors in a draw. A draw with RAGCB would be a Light, but a draw of RAAGC would not, even though they're all consecutive around the Spectrum wheel - you need to have one of each of 5 colors, and that's only 4 colors. A draw of RAAGCM would be a Light though - magenta through cyan (5 colors) are represented, at least one of each.

A Light grants a new Aspect related to the task at hand in some way.

Working Together

Aisling has a powerful way to work together - Tagging. Simply tag the Aspects of other characters with luck, receive free tags for maneuvers that have placed Aspects on the situation, and so on.

Need to lift a car off of a pinned businessman? Have the strongest guy draw, after he tags the "help my Buddy!" Aspect of the guy to his left (for 1 Luck), uses a free tag created by the guy on his right maneuvering for "Leverage", and uses another free tag from the gal across from him, from her declaration of a "Lighter than it Looks" Aspect on the car. With all that help, he suddenly has 6 extra motes for the draw!

Every case of working together, whether in a mass like this, or just as tactics, can be handled like this - place a "Flanked" Aspect on the army facing you, or declare the aggressive tribesman to be "Impressed by Whistling". A little creativity and working together will have amazing results.

Trying Again

A draw represents everything you bring to bear, and thus that is significant in the situation at hand, in order to succeed. So when you fail, all of that effort has failed, and you can't try again until the situation and circumstances have changed significantly.

If you're trying to pick a lock while your friends are keeping an eye out for you, for example, your failure at the task is a failure, even though your friends could have been involved. Even if you didn't tag them, and could have, because that tag didn't apply, you've already said that they're not significant to this task.

Something will have to change in order for them to become significant again - perhaps they can assess the lock and discover a new Aspect you weren't aware of, or they can maneuver to create a new Aspect you can tag. In either case, the story elements that are significant in picking the lock have now changed.

Of course, that assessment or maneuver takes time that may not be freely available, exposing you to the watchful eyes of the ravens across the street, who are no longer distracted by the meat you left for them…