The Spectrum


Over the space of millennia, humanity has investigated reality and what makes it tick, usually through religion. There are theories about how the Universe came to be, how it functions, and how it is controlled, but most important are the theories that describe what reality is made of.

In India, they discussed the qualities of prana, while the Chinese were concerned about the state of one’s qi. Ki in Japan, Mana in Polynesia, and Yliaster or Quintessence to the alchemists of medieval Europe, this fundamental building block from which the Universe was made even has even been immortalized in film as the Force. All of these are words for something that was named ages before humanity existed – Quiddity.

Quiddity is best described simply as the matter of energy, and everything in the universe is created from, and sustained by, that simple force. Every action, be it a breath taken or a thought dreamed, draws on this source. It comes in seven colors, each color symbolic of the energies and actions it feeds. The colors come from the additive spectrum, the colors of light: red, amber, green, cyan, blue, and magenta. The seventh color is clear, the colorless Quiddity that powers magic.



Each color of the spectrum is associated with a number of symbols and energies that describe how a particular variety of Quiddity is related to the Coil. The three primary colors are associated with the three aspects of reality, Body, Mind, and Soul. Red belongs to Body and matter, Green to Mind and thought, and Blue to Soul and spirit. All other meaning rests on this basic triad.

Red (R)


Red symbolizes the body, and is thus related to a character's raw physical, physique, endurance and stamina, constitution, and resistance to fatigue, disease, and pain. Athletic actions that use the whole body are red, as are items or people that aid or hinder the character in actions requiring Red Quiddity.

Typically Red: Knife, Strong, Weak, Resistant to Disease, Huge Cannon, Glass Jaw, Armor, Goons, Sword, Healing Potions, Running, Brawling, Dodging Bullets, Jazzercise, Poison, Yoga, Iron Rations

Amber (A)


Amber represents dexterity of all varieties. It includes precise movements, reflexes, speed, and bodily coordination. On a broader scale, it includes items and people that enable the character to maintain or gain freedom or access to restricted items, areas, or people, or prevent the same.

Typically Amber: Fast, Battle Senses, License to Kill, Contortionist, Diplomatic Papers, Contact in the Court, Firearms, Bows, Clumsy, Famous, Tai Qi, Wanted by the Police, Ambidextrous, Cherry-Red Corvette, Nimble Fingers, Security Code

Green (G)


Green is the color of the mind and perception. It involves one's awareness of the immediate environment as well as a basic understanding of the world and the people in it. Green Traits include the senses and the ability to notice unusual or interesting characteristics, as well as skills which utilize a character's creative drives. Green items and people aid a character in observing the world at large.

Typically Green: Excellent Sense of Smell, Blind, Painting, Radio Transceiver, Well Traveled, Observant, Modern Dance, Laser Sight, Telescope, Sonar-sense, Spies, Surveillance Camera, Night Vision, Dangershades

Cyan (C)


Cyan covers Traits involving a character's reasoning ability and knowledge bases, including intelligence, wisdom, memory, common sense, wits, and clear thinking in stressful situations. It includes access to information, and items and people that can provide (or withhold) information.

Typically Cyan: Amnesia, Smart, Riddles, Dumb, Encyclopedia, Informant, Oblivious, Computer, Dark Secret, Misinformed, Lying, French, Botany, Area Knowledge, Government Database, Ivy-League Education, Thinks Fast, Eidetic Memory, Professor, Library Card

Blue (B)


Blue symbolizes the spirit and soul, as well as charisma and magnetism, and thus covers a character's ability to interact with people. This includes the ability to communicate effectively and explain complex concepts, as well as the ability to influence others. Blue Traits can include beauty, social skills, items and people that support (or oppose) a person's ability to function socially, or which the character loves or hates.

Typically Blue: Persuasion, Stylish Clothes, Lover, Comic Collector, Friendly, Intimidation, Homeless, Accent, Part of a Military Commando Team, Clan Chief, Pet Tiger, Introvert, Lecturing, Godfather, Beauty Queen, Flattery, Cellphone, Enemy

Magenta (M)


Magenta is the color of the will and the psyche, including composure, discipline, and concentration. It can also cover a character's sense of internal understanding and focus. Magenta items and people affect the spiritual or psychological development of a character positively or negatively.

Typically Magenta: Meditation, Self-Control, Holy Symbol, Hedonist, Hypnotism, Ancestral Link, Relic, Blessed by the Quincunx, Therapist, True Believer, Yogi, Neurotic, Iron Will, Focused, High Priest, Cathartic Experience

Clear (X)


Clear Aspects center around magic. Magic in the Coil is not a matter of imposing your will on reality, as many suppose, but is simply a matter of understanding how reality works. Anyone can do magic, if they have the knowledge and understanding required – this understanding is called an Art, a particular system of creating magical effects. Clear Traits thus involve understanding and perceiving the Universe correctly, and also one's relationship and sensitivity to magic, intuition, and skills which break common physical laws. Items and people falling under the Clear color include anything that invokes magic for or against the character.

Typically Clear: Lucky, Levitate, Fortune-telling, Curse of the Mummy, Ring of Flight, Magic Wand, Cloak of Invisibility, Magically Blind, Magic Potion Making, Black Cat Familiar, Hunted by a Demon, Avatar of Vishnu, Flying Carpet, Amulet, Second Sight, Gut Instinct

Fate (F)


There's one other color used in Aisling - the Fate color. It doesn't matter whether it's black, or silver, or octarine. As long as you know which color is the Fate color. The Fate color represents the hand of Fate in a character's actions, the fickle hand that sometimes bestows exceptional luck, sometimes forces a less than pleasing outcome, sometimes presents the bizarre coincidence, and other times, a combination of all of those. You can read more about the Fate on the Draw page