Using Aspects


There will be times where your friends will have Aspects that they could bring to bear, or their assistance is logically and obviously needed to accomplish some task. Though a draw represents the full circumstances of any given situation, it only represents your character's involvement with the environment.

Help from other sources and changes in the environment can help your draw. Generally, this is done with manuevers, assessments, and declarations, which place or discover Aspects on the situation.

Working Together

** placing aspects and such**

Some tasks require a group of people working together. Lifting a car or performing in a symphony, for example, will require more than just a couple people. Without magic, cooperation and plenty of hands will be the only way to accomplish the task. Still, there are two kinds of working together, joint efforts and synthesis. The two can be distinguished by considering what the addition of more people would do to the task. If more people would make it easier (e.g. lifting a car or searching a library), then it's a Joint Effort. If having more people doesn't make it any easier (e.g. playing a rock opera), then it's Synthesis.

Joint Effort

Joint efforts are simple: simply add together the Power of every participant's draw. The resulting Power is treated like any other Power - it's just larger than one person's.


Synthesis is simple too: everyone draws, trying to beat the opposing Power as normal. If anyone has extra Power, they can give it to anyone who doesn't have enough Power.

Trying Again

Since a draw includes all of the circumstances which go into an attempt, including all of the different things you might try, trying again isn't an option. Multiple attempts were included in the draw to begin with. In order tto try again, you need to significantly change the circumstances.