Scale Here There Yonder
Bonus +1 Power +2 Power +3 Power
Color No Adjacency 1 mote 2 motes
Damage Minimal Most Weapons Deadly
Draw 1/2 mote 1 mote 2 motes
Duration Instant Scene Story
Fire Candle Bonfire Inferno
Frequency Rarely Occasionally Frequently
Heal Minor Major Severe
Height Ground Treetops Clouds
Mass Human Tree Mountain
People Me You Them
Skill Common, Easy Normal Obscure, Difficult
Speed Human Car Plane
Range Close, Melee, Self Ranged Long-distance
Targets Self Handful Lots
Time Now Then Once upon a time
Threshold Normal +1 mote +3 motes

For the most part, the scale at left should be fairly self-explanatory. But just in case, here are more detailed explanations.